Prayer List


Please keep the following people in your prayers:

Cathy Barata

Bassten Family

Marilyn Brinson

Repose of Bob Brost

Janet Brost

Jim Fischer

Agnes Galamba

Joe Galamba

Penny Galamba

Betty Gambrell

Chuck Herrick

Repose of Roch Herrick

Tim Herrick

Mary Hicks

Bob Lee

Leslie King

Hannah Knutson

Rudee McConnell

Patty Morgan

Linda Morrison

Louis New

Mary Ann New

James Odom

Elizabeth Olson

Mike Pittman

Repose of Wade Quattlebaum

Andrena Raines

Trisha Rivers

John S Sheppard III

Stella Sroka

Joann Stephens

Martha Walls

Laurette Ward

LaDon Willis

Bob Wilson

Mary Wilson

Rose York

4 thoughts on “Prayer List

  1. Betty Fischer

    Please remove Brittany Faircloth from the prayer list. Thanks to all for their prayers for her. She seems to be well and doing fine.


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