St. Theresa Parish Feast Day

October 4, 2015- Today we celebrated the feast day of our patroness St. Theresa of Lisieux with a trilingual mass in English, Spanish & Vietnamese. It was beautiful to hear the different languages being used to pray and sing as we worshipped our Lord. Although so many of us come from various parts of the country and of the world, we are all able to give our love, devotion and adoration to the One God who is in heaven.


Following the mass, in the midst of a light rain, we dedicated and blessed the pavilion and named it in honor of Mr. George Rischar, who was the master mind and lead foreman in the building of the structure. George has been a pillar in the parish and has served countless hours in the service of St. Theresa’s Church through the years. Although George has gone to eternal life (December 2014), his wife Arlis and some of his children were in attendance. He is greatly missed and may he rest in peace.

Dedication of George Rischar Pavilion
Dedication of George Rischar Pavilion

After the dedication of the George Rischar Pavilion, the “feast” began. A number of our children took part in the cake walk and found themselves recipients of great prizes.

Enjoying the Feast Day (seated around the table  l to r: Tom Sears, Frank and Mary Olson, Rose York)

Thank you to all who participated and made this feast day a great one!

St. Theresa, pray for us!

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